“Having Lisa come and help last night was a true blessing and a gift. As soon as she arrived she started helping and made herself comfortable in our home, you would have thought she had been here 100 times. It was awesome and amazing to get a full nights rest after the hard recovery I had. Waking up to a clean house and a very happy baby was just perfect! Lisa has a gift that is unlike any other. Thank you so much for everything” -Adina, Owings Mills
“Lisa has been wonderful to my 11 months old twin boys since they were 4 months old. When I met Lisa, my babies were taking their naps in their rock and play while rocking, they didn’t take more than 20 min naps in their cribs. Lisa guided my family and sleep trained my babies, she was very patient. Just within a couple of weeks, my babies started taking hour naps in their cribs. She gave me resources to follow in order to train my babies to sleep through the night. Since then they have been in set schedule, with solid naps and night sleep. She is a loving, caring and supportive person. As a working mom, one of the hardest things is finding someone who you can trust with your babies, thankfully we came across Lisa, and my husband and I trust her with our babies 100%. She is all about safety, love, attention and hygiene, gives me great advice every day and my babies adore Miss Lisa” -Goksen B, Baltimore

“My wife and I recently had a baby. We were so stressed out and were operating on very little sleep. Labor & Lullabies came to the rescue! My wife and I were able to get a good nights sleep. Thank you.” -Justin M, Hunt Valley

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Lisa! I hired Lisa to help with a newborn overnight, and me and my family got so much more. Yes, Lisa was phenomenal with our newborn- gave us complete confidence with her care and took care of the baby in between nursing sessions so I could get some sleep. But she also took excellent care of our entire family by providing support to myself, my toddler, and even hubby (physically and mentally). It was like being pampered postpartum, and most importantly, feeling supported along the way. She made sure to take care of my health and make sure I was taking care of myself too, and supported me through breastfeeding in those early challenging weeks. Being a very private person, I was initially hesitant about bringing a stranger into our home at such an intimate time- but boy am I glad I got over that! Our family gained a real friend and wish everyone could be lucky enough to have Lisa help them.” -Melissa S, Pikesville

Just amazing…. is all I can say … I have triplets, now 9 weeks old and I wish I found Lisa from when kids were in NICU and coming home.. she is truly the baby whisperer.. I’ve learned so much from her on how to make my kids life peaceful as they transitioned home and grow and develop and make my life more calm. Lisa is amazing, professional and full of resource. clearly Loves what she does.. I would hire again and will hire her again. ​
-Barkue T, Baltimore​

Hi Lisa,
Cindy was great!  I had no idea what to expect and was very happy with her help and advice and felt very supported. I would definitely use her again!
-Andra, Edgewater